Expertise on making essential oils and hydrosols

  • Can I make essential oils and hydrosols myself?
  • How can I separate the essential oil from the plant water?
  • Which still is optimal for steam distillation?
  • Which plants can I use for oil distillation?
  • What oil yield can I achieve myself when distilling?

Instructions and pictures

You will find the following instructions here for making scented oil – herbal water – floral water:

  • Make your own scented oil – herbal water – floral water in 5 steps: How to distil herbs and blossoms yourself – a short guide with the most important points for making aromatic oil and blossom water yourself.
  • Production process for fragrance essences and toilet water in pictures: Making an essential oil using dill as an example
  • Lavender oil distillation and yield
  • Yield of essential oils with steam distillation


Or do you simply have questions about distilling essential oils and hydrosols, or the oil still:

  • Specialist questions: You can ask questions on the topic of essential oils and hydrosols here. They will then be answered by Dr. Schmickl and Dr. Malle.
  • Recipes for aromatic oils, toilet water, perfume: Exchange recipes for aromatic oils, blossom water, perfumes etc. with other forum participants. Or do you have your own good and original recipe?
  • Discussion on making essential oils, hydrosols and stills you can construct yourself: Discuss different topics with other forum participants about distilling essential oils and herbal waters, or guides for constructing an oil still.

Oil still

Information on buying a small oil still and for homemade stills:

  • 6 rules for constructing or buying a still

essential oil of iluna root

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