Resin – Essential Oil Steam Distillation

The resin is industrially treated with solvents to obtain the essential oil. It is also possible to distill the oil from the resin by means of essential oil steam distillation just like other plants. However, it should be noted that the resin melts when heated, so the steam cannot penetrate the resin. Furthermore, the resin becomes solid again when it cools down, which can completely destroy the still.

Resins for Distillation

Which resins are suitable for steam distillation? Principally, you can also make essential oils from all resins, which are also obtained with the help of solvents, in a still with steam:

  • Benzoin
  • Larch resin and other softwoods
  • myrrh
  • Frankincense etc.


To distill the oil, it is essential to crush the resin. Usually the resins are solid and brittle, so the materials can be easily crushed with a hammer, for example. So that the steam can also penetrate the resin, the resin should be mixed with an inert substance – a material that does not give off any scent or the like and does not change its consistency. Now the steam can penetrate to any part of the resin and carry the essential oil with it. After distillation, this inert substance can also be used to easily open and clean the plant.

Benzoe Resin for the Essential Oil Steam Distillation

Essential Oil Steam Distillation – Classes and Stills

It goes without saying that making essential oils from resins will also be discussed as part of our Making Essential Oils classes and courses.

If you would like to make essential oils and hydrosols yourself at home with a still, then both the Essential Oil Still Leonardo Classic and the Essential Oil Still Grande are suitable for this. Which equipment is right for you depends on the amount of raw material available to you.

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Essential Oil Distiller Kit - Classic

Basic equipment for distilling essential oils and hydrosols yourself.

Essential Oil Distiller Kit - Grande

Equipment for distilling essential oils from plants with low oil content or from larger plant quantities.

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