distilling essential oils seminar In our Essential Oil Online Course and Workshop Essential Oil Classes, you learn skills making essential oils and hydrosols by yourself easily at home. Many essential oils and floral waters are used in aromatherapy and aroma care. The course covers the following issues: what are essential oils and how can you make them at home? The correct harvesting, crushing and distilling of the plants, how to make essential oil stills, numerous essential oil recipes for oils and hydrosols, and the separation of the oil. Current developments and new features you can find in our free Newsletter.

Online Course – Making Essential Oils

Learn all the steps in a practical way in the making essential oils and hydrosols course by means of photos, videos, descriptions and diagrams. You can watch us in the individual work steps via videos. In the Essential Oil Online Course, you learn at your own personal speed, completed by a test.

  • The online essential oils and hydrosols seminar is independent of time and place.
  • In the course, you will learn all the topics for making essential oils and hydrosols: When should I harvest the plants? Which herbs, woods etc. can I use to make oil? How are the plants prepared for distillation? What problems can arise and what can be done? How can I construct a still for essential oil and hydrosols? How does the distillation take place in detail? How do you extract the essential oil? How can the hydrosol and oil be further processed?
  • You will also find an extensive collection of recipes – how to make essential oils at home and their uses.

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Workshop – Essential Oils & Hydrosol Classes

In one and a half days, you will discover the secrets of making essential oils and plant water in the Essential oils and hydrosols workshop. On the first day in the essential oil distillation class, you will learn the theory, and on the second day the practice. In the essential oils workshop, you will distill your essential oils and hydrosols yourself with your own essential oil still. Afterwards, you will separate the essential oil that you made yourself from the hydrosol and further process it into perfume, massage oil, bath salts and soap. The course takes place in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Carinthia, Austria).

  • In the essential oils and hydrosols workshop, you will independently undertake all the work steps from the distillation through to extracting and processing the oils.
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  • In the classes on essential oils and hydrosols, you will make essential oil steam distillation the whole day with the following products:
  • The classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced distillers, because in the seminar you will be shown how to maximize the oil yield through various measures and how to create the most intensive hydrosol possible.


Making essential oils and hydrosols in our hands-on classes - products

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