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Learn how to make your own essential oils and hydrosols by means of hands-on, short videos. You will see us at work in the videos, so that each work step can be copied exactly. You can learn the respective topics at your own speed and anywhere you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  • - Steam Distillation

    Make lavender oil and lavender water by means of steam distillation

    420 g of dried lavender blossoms produce 22 ml of pure essential oil and 500 ml of hydrosol or floral water after 35 minutes of distillation time. Setting up and filling your still, complete distillation process, points to watch for a maximum oil yield and the most intensive hydrosol possible, dismantling, cleaning the interior of a still completely without residues, and correct storage.

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  • Harvesting

    Lavender harvest

    Lavender harvest: how and when is lavender harvested, drying, detaching blossoms from the stalks.

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    Roses: harvesting, rose varieties, further processing

    Rose harvest: what exactly is harvested, how and when, for the most intensive hydrosol and maximum oil content possible, which rose varieties, further processing before distillation.

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