The compact manual to make your own essential oil and hydrolates: Learn in short step-by-step instructions how to produce essential oils and hydrolates by distillation, enfleurage, cold pressing and maceration. No background explanations are given, and the manual goes straight into the individual production steps – so you can simply make essential oils yourself. For more detailed information, take a look at our customer practice book – Make essential oil at home on producing essential oils yourself. Or visit the Esssential Oil Online Course on making your own fragrance oil and our essential oil distillation workshop. Further we have an eBook with essential oil recipes with all plants for the oil distillation, this extensive collection was arranged by us over many years also in the context of our seminars.


eBook “Make Your Own Essential Oil” – content:

  • What is an essential oil and hydrolate?
  • What equipment do you need to produce essential oils and hydrolates yourself and then separate the essential oil?
  • How is essential oil obtained by cold pressing?
  • How and with which plants do you make enfleurage?
  • How does oil extraction by maceration work?
  • How is steam distillation carried out?
  • How can the plants be properly processed for optimum oil yield?
  • How is the essential oil separated from the hydrolate? How can heavy essential oils be separated?
  • How are essential oils and hydrolates correctly filled and stored?
  • The eBook, a PDF file, can be downloaded and printed.


What will you be able to do thereafter?

  • You know how to perform cold pressing to extract essential oils.
  • Essential oil can be extracted by enfleurage.
  • Extraction of aromatic oil by maceration of plants.
  • You are familiar with the correct preparation of the plants for steam distillation in order to obtain an optimum oil yield.
  • After the plant preparation you can make hydrolates and essential oil yourself by means of steam distillation.
  • Now you have learned how to store essential oils and hydrolates correctly.
  • You know the necessary equipment to obtain the essential oil and hydrolate from various plants by steam distillation, enfleurage, cold pressing and maceration.

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